Vi bevarer kulturarven

victoriansk drivhus

DISSING+WEITLING has a solid knowledge of existing buildings and how they can be preserved, repurposed and transformed. Among our clients are several of Denmark’s cultural institutions and companies, among others Novo Nordisk, Carlsberg, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, The National Bank of Denmark and The University of Copenhagen.

Creating value

We handle every aspect of a renovation project – from preliminary analysis and planning to design, tender and supervision. This also entails consulting clients about recycling of materials or how to update a building to meet the needs of today’s users – all without losing its distinctive architectural and historical character and with a purpose of creating value. Many listed and preservation worthy buildings are still used for educational purposes, research or other daily work.

Energy optimisation

Renovating buildings plays a central role in our shared ambition to bring down society’s energy consumption, and at DISSING+WEITLING we see it as a crucial task to contribute to this positive development. Around 65 percent of Denmark’s buildings were constructed before 1980 at a time when there were no requirements for insulation performance or energy consumption. Today, this means that the heat leaks out of many older buildings, although they can be improved to be more energy efficient by isolating ceilings and walls, replacing windows, doors etc. 

Anchored in time and place

Pre-industrialisation buildings are often created from ‘simple’ and long-lasting resources, in order to stay standing through the years and be maintained rather than replaced. We can as a society learn a great deal from past building techniques, natural materials and their use, while at the same time cultural heritage tells important stories of how we live in this world. Old buildings contain experiences, which anchor us in time and place. That makes them worthy of preserving – and makes them sustainable – even if in an economic perspective they often are more expensive to renovate rather than tear them down.