Shenzhen Pingshan

Shenzhen Pingshan



Shenzhen Pingshan
12 Light Rail Stations and conceptual design
Shenzhen Metropolitan Area, China

In progress

Client: BYD
Architect: DISSING+WEITLING architecture
Engineer: China Railway
Renderings: DISSING+WEITLING architecture


Shenzhen Pingshan
12 letbane-stationer og konceptuelt design
Shenzhen Metropolitan Area, Kina


Bygherre: BYD
Arkitekt: DISSING+WEITLING architecture
Ingeniør: China Railways
Visualiseringer: DISSING+WEITLING architecture

In order to create a solution to the heavy traffic congestion in the Shenzhen Metropolitan Area the Chinese company BYD is initiating the new large-scale SkyRail system.

BYD has chosen DISSING WEITLING architecture to develop the system principles for 12 light rail stations including the conceptual design.

The station architecture meets the claim for a simple and elegant design being in harmony with the different locations and carefully considering the specific urban environment.

The design for the series of new light rail stations is characterized by the angular roofs with slender eaves, giving the impression of sword-like lightness and elegance.

The entire structure has a significant expression, making the stations stand out as iconic architecture in the Chinese context.

The ticketing area is located in 'a box' under the platform area. This layout is in line with the clarity of the design and adopted to lower the temperature in passengers areas. I

Besides handling large numbers of daily passengers the constructions are specifically designed to resist earthquakes and extreme weather conditions.