11 år gammelt design til ny tysk buebro er stadig det foretrukne valg

Arkitektur med merværdi. Dronefilm med overflyvning af blandt andet Cykelslangen.

Xiamen Bycycle Skyway won the Livable Cities category in the Danish Design Award 2019


One of DISSING+WEITLING architecture’s bridge project in China, Xiamen Bicycle Skyway, is appointed finalist for the Danish Design Award 2019, in the category Livable Cities.

DISSING+WEITLING architecture’s contribution to this year’s Danish Design Award is the project Xiamen Bicycle Skyway - an elevated bicycle pathway along the busy traffic road that integrates pedestrian bridges, ramps, roundabouts, bicycle parking, bicycle service pavilions and points of interest.

Every year, Danish Design Award celebrates the difference that design can make in industry, society and daily life. Danish Design Award will announce the winners of all categories at the award show May 13 2019.

Jury statement

The Danish Design Award Jury says:

Bringing new life to an otherwise dead part of the city and integrating different forms of traffic, the Skyway solves a very complex challenge. Skyway involves Danish architects reviving a part of Chinese daily life – cycling culture – in a new context. The design quality is impressive for a project on this scale, and the Skyway is overall a great example of how Danish design DNA can be adapted into a different local fabric.

DW-Xiamen-Drone view (5)-JHE.jpg

Xiamen Bicycle Skyway is China’s first suspended bicycle path on raised platforms and the world’s longest aerial bicycle lane. However, it is more than that. It is a safe and joyful experience to the citizens of Xiamen and an answer to the increased traffic congestion and pollution. It helps solve a local transport-related problem while at the same time it brings life and energy to a specific urban context – it adds space for cyclists, joy, city view and is time saving. The bicycle lane makes the city greener, more liveable and accommodates the needs of the many.

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In 2018 The Bicycle Snake by DISSING+WEITLING architecture won the Icon Award in Danish Design Award.