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Arkitektur med merværdi. Dronefilm med overflyvning af blandt andet Cykelslangen.

DISSING+WEITLING on winning team for urban planning competition in Aarhus


Our team created an ambitious plan for a diverse and sustainable urban area around Kulkransporet, a developing area at a former industrial site. Kulkransporet will become a lively, vibrant area as well as creating a connection between the city centre of Aarhus and the city’s southern port district.

In an integrated design process with team leaders Transform accompanied by Lendager Group, VEGA landskab and Søren Jensen engineers, DISSING+WEITLING collaborated in creating the winning proposal for the development of the urban area around Kulkransporet. Based on the fantastic industrial character and bohemian spirit of the site, our ambition was to create an attractive recreational and commercial area that embraces every citizen and their initiatives. 

With functions such as a city life office, a recycling centre, a place for socially vulnerable individuals and a socio economic eatery that unites all users in a stronger community, Kulkransporet will become a vibrant recreational attraction and create a connection between the city centre of Aarhus and a developing former industrial area in the city’s southern port district. 

Kulkransporet is the name of an existing industrial relic, a 150-metre long and 6-metre high concrete structure for a former coal-lifting crane. This structure will form the base for a platform that connects to two new towers and a pedestrian bridge linking to the city centre. Besides the platform and the towers with different functions, Kulkransporet will entail a green park, a public square and other urban spaces.


The area’s distinct identity, life and architecture have been a great inspiration in the creation of the urban spaces. A vibrant mélange of creatives, entrepreneurs and established companies already exists in the area, and our aim with the proposal was to sustain and enhance this unique vibe. 

Our proposal impressed both the appointed judges and the representatives from the City of Aarhus, and we are looking forward to continue our collaboration with the city officials and our great team members in order to get this exciting project realized.

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