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Focus on sustainability – Thursday seminars


As part of our ongoing focus on creating more sustainable solutions, DISSING+WEITLING gathered today for a two-hour seminar on sustainability. The past few Thursdays, our architects and construction architects has met for afternoon seminars in order to refresh and upgrade our insight on sustainability issues. 

This afternoon we had the pleasure of hosting Jørgen Abildgaard, Executive Climate Project Director at the City of Copenhagen and in charge of realising Copenhagen’s ambitious plans of becoming the first CO2-neutral capital in the world.

In relation to urban planning, Jørgen talked about issues regarding climate changes and climate adaptation, urbanisation and globalisation, circular economy and renewable energy sources, digitalisation, sharing economy and disruption, flexible housing and new ways of living and working, and, not least, smart mobility and smart cities.

Other Thursday seminars has evolved around the importance of early co-creation with consulting engineers when developing sustainable solutions and DGNB, the leading certification system for sustainable buildings in Denmark. DGNB measures up to 50 different sustainability criteria from the quality sections ecology, economy, socio-cultural aspects, technology, process work flows and site.

Check out the new headquarters for Orbicon or the renovation of COWI’s headquarters to see some of our DGNB-certified projects.