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DISSING+WEITLING prequalified for prestigious bridge competition in Budapest

New Danube Bridge.jpg

Together with Spanish consulting engineers FHECOR, DISSING+WEITLING has been prequalified for a large international competition to design an innovative signature bridge across the Danube River in Budapest.

The bridge will become a notable new landmark for the beautiful Hungarian capital. The ambition is that the bridge will play an important part in the urban development, strengthen the city’s identity and enhance the inhabitants’ quality of life. The project, called New Danube Bridge, is developed as a collaboration between the Hungarian government and the city government of Budapest.

Poul Ove Jensen, architect and Design Director of Bridges and Infrastructure at DISSING+WEITLING, says: ”To add a new bridge to the numerous magnificent historical bridges that connects Buda and Pest is a dream project for a bridge designer.”

The new bridge will function a catalyst for the development of the southern part of Budapest. It will connect the Csepel area, which is located on a small island in the Danube, with Buda and Pest – the two historical parts of the city. The bridge will also enable the development of a future ring road around the periphery of the city, easing traffic congestion in the crowded city centre. The ambitious bridge project will result in a six-lane road and tram bridge including pedestrian and bicycle paths, lookouts and new urban spaces in connection with the bridge.

Having solid experience from several similar projects, DISSING+WEITLING is one of the world’s leading architecture firms when it comes to bridge design and infrastructural solutions. Recently, the company designed the spectacular future Hising Bridge (link) in Gothenburg, which will not only be an important new connection across the busiest harbour in Scandinavia but also create a welcoming urban area along the waterfront. As is the case with the New Danube Bridge, the Hising Bridge will contribute to the development of the city centre and strengthen regional infrastructure. 

The prestigious New Danube Bridge competition has 18 prequalified teams, including some of the world’s leading bridge designers. If everything goes as planned, it will be possible to cross the new bridge in 2024.

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