11 år gammelt design til ny tysk buebro er stadig det foretrukne valg

Arkitektur med merværdi. Dronefilm med overflyvning af blandt andet Cykelslangen.

Meet Laura, our newest team member


Our newest team member is Laura Gobbi, hailing from the palladian town of Bassano del Grappa, near Venice. 

Laura graduated from IUAV Universitá di Architettura in Venice in 2015, but has also studied in Barcelona and Paris. Laura focused her master thesis on the relationship between sociology and urban design in collaboration with “L'Atelier International du Grand Paris" under the supervision of two-time winners of the Grand Prix de l´Urbanisme, professors Bernardo Secchi and Paola Vigano. 

Laura has previous competition experience from other renowned offices in Denmark, and continues this work at DISSING+WEITLING. In addition to this, she has been working on the renovation and addition of an auditorium in the multi-flexible office building AB6, designed by DISSING+WEITLING in 2004.