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Xiamen completes world’s longest cycling skyway

DISSING+WEITLING has designed an 8-km bicycle bridge in the central part of the Chinese city of Xiamen. The skyway for bicycles isn’t only the first of its kind in China, it also happens to be the world’s longest. Construction was also completed in record time and the bridge started trial operations just in time for the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

In order to decrease traffic congestion and to promote greener and more sustainable forms of transportation, the city of Xiamen in China’s southeastern Fujian province has just completed work on its first ‘cycling skyway’ – a 7.6-kilometre long cycling route that runs 5m above the road, just below the bus rapid transit line in the city’s downtown. 

Efficient, easy and fun for short commutes

Bicycles are returning in popularity among China’s urbanites, mostly due to the omnipresent traffic jams, although many are also appreciative of its health and environmental benefits. Not to mention that grabbing the bike is an efficient, easy and fun way of getting around in the cities.

China's first ‘bike lane in the sky’ covers Xiamen's five major residential areas and three business centers. It provides the city’s commuters with easy access to public transportation such as bus and BRT stations, overpasses, shopping malls and public buildings along the 7.6-kilometer route, which has 11 entry and exit points along the way. 

Learning form Copenhagen

During the past decade, DISSING+WEITLING has worked on a number of projects focusing particularly on bicycle strategies, green initiatives and urban development. By far the most famous amongst these projects is the award-winning and highly publicized The Bicycle Snake in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Bearing on the public success of cleverly planned and well executed projects such as The Bicycle Snake, which opened only a couple of years ago, DISSING+WEITLING has been much sought after internationally, functioning as expert consultants on bicycle strategies all over the world, today having on-going projects in Singapore and California amongst others.