11 år gammelt design til ny tysk buebro er stadig det foretrukne valg

Arkitektur med merværdi. Dronefilm med overflyvning af blandt andet Cykelslangen.

Construction of the Queensferry Crossing enters its final phase

Construction of the DISSING+WEITLING designed Queensferry Crossing near Edinburgh in Scotland enters its final phase. 

In this film, you can see the construction progress over the course of the past year – cable installation and deck construction in particular make for some very photogenic scenes. With the bridge expected to open to traffic later in 2017, the last crucial parts of the work are currently under way.

Queensferry Crossing is the key link in the most ambitious Scottish transport plan ever published. The project carries high international prestige first of all because of its size - it is the largest construction project in a generation in Scotland. The Firth of Forth is crossed daily by more than 66,000 vehicles and is a vital link in the transportation infrastructure serving Edinburgh and West Lothian to the south of the Firth, and Fife and the east coast of Scotland to the north.

The replacement bridge will enhance the setting of two famous existing bridges - the world-famous railway bridge built in the 1880s and the suspension road bridge completed in 1964 - both listed and world-renowned structures that were ahead of their time in terms of engineering, architecture and fabrication. For the designers in DISSING+WEITLING's project team, this context made the Queensferry Crossing a particularly fascinating project: completing the architectural trilogy of bridges by adding a 21st century landmark bridge - promising yet again to move the boundaries of design and engineering.

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