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DISSING+WEITLING together with COWI to design a new expressway link to boost development in the Philippines


A team with local engineers DCCD Engineering Corporation, COWI, DISSING+WEITLING and others has been appointed as technical advisors on a new 8-kilometer expressway link in the Philippines connecting Cebu City and Cordova.

The new Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway will provide a much-needed additional route to the Mactan-Cebu International Airport and further enhance economic growth and productivity in the Visayan region of the Philippines.

“The new Cebu-Cordova link will provide an effective short-cut from Cebu, the second largest city in the Philippines to the international airport reducing the car travel with approximately 40 minutes,” says Mogens A. Hviid, Regional Manager South East Asia, COWI.

“It is envisioned to bolster trade activities, create more job opportunities and help reduce economic losses due to traffic congestion. Obviously, we are very proud to become part of such an important infrastructure project and we are looking forward to working closely with MPTDC to reach a high quality result, both in terms of timely delivery, value for money, sustainability and aesthetics,” he adds.

Danish expertise to help curb technical challenges

The location of the new Cebu-Cordova link implicates a range of technical challenges such as a high risk of typhoons.

”To tackle the challenges we will draw on our experiences from previous projects in earthquake and typhoon zones such as the Busan-Geoje fixed link in South Korea, Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong and the Izmit Bay link in Turkey, which includes the world’s fourth longest suspension bridge,” says Tina Vejrum, Vice President for Bridges International, COWI.

Construction will start later this year - with project completion eyed by 2020.  The new Cebu-Cordova link will have two lanes in each direction and will feature a main navigation span bridge, along with viaduct approach bridges, a causeway, roadway and toll facilities. The span of the bridge allows for shipping traffic and the link is expected to serve at least 40,000 vehicles daily.