11 år gammelt design til ny tysk buebro er stadig det foretrukne valg

Arkitektur med merværdi. Dronefilm med overflyvning af blandt andet Cykelslangen.

Køge North Station mentioned on CNN

In an article titled "A bridge too far? - 11 spectacular new bridges that break the mold" CNN Style puts Køge Nord Station on a list of spectacular bridges from around the world. 

The article is motivated by the fact that: "In a world of bamboo skyscrapers and transforming apartments, it's easy to forget about the bridge, the humble structure that makes getting from point A to B all the more simple. But today, world-class architects, artists, designers are collaborating with city councils to bring bridges to the center stage, creating new landmarks that are as ambitious and inventive as the buildings that surround them."

In the article CNN praises our project at Køge Nord Station with this kind statement:

"There's more than meets the eye with this structure. The bridge, designed collaboratively by DISSING+WEITLING architecture, COBE Architects and COWI, includes passageways for both trains and cars, as well as a full station and park-and-ride facilities."

See the article on CNN

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