11 år gammelt design til ny tysk buebro er stadig det foretrukne valg

Arkitektur med merværdi. Dronefilm med overflyvning af blandt andet Cykelslangen.

Meet our new 3D wizard


We are happy to announce that we have strengthened our team with the addition of a dedicated 3D designer, Bo Degn. 

DISSING+WEITLING is participating in a growing number of competitions worldwide and for a while we have felt the need to expand our capacity with an in-house 3D designer.

As our new 3D designer, Bo Degn will work closely together with our project teams producing high quality 3D visual renderings that truly captures the essence and feel of our concepts and proposals – both in competition phases and during detailing.

Bo has more than 15 years of experience doing stunning architectural visualizations and animations – both in-house and as a consultant – and we are excited to explore his talents.