marina interchange

Marina Interchange



Marina Interchange
Bro- og tunnelsystem
Lusail, Qatar
2011 -


Arkitekt: DISSING+WEITLING architecture
Ingeniør: HALCROW

Visualiseringer: DISSING+WEITLING architecture
Fotos: DISSING+WEITLING architecture


Marina Interchange
Bridge and tunnel system
Lusail, Qatar
2011 -

In progress

Architect: DISSING+WEITLING architecture
Engineer: HALCROW

Renderings: DISSING+WEITLING architecture
Photos: DISSING+WEITLING architecture

Marina Interchange

The playful contrasts between light and shadow - warm and cold, reflects our vision for the Marina Interchange.

Qatar as a society has undergone tremendous change during the last decades, from oysters to international trade and oil - a transition - which also is reflected in the harsh environment where people and animals move between the sun and the shadow and experiencing the change between light and shadow - warm and cold. 

Shadow-play and interference is widely used in the architecture, in order to generate transitions from one situation to another. Qatar holds this quality, emerging from the leaves of the palm trees. For future architecture to hold this finesse and value it is important that the architecture emulates the natural emergence. 

The concept  is based on the interference of the light playing in the water - the leaves of the palm - the graduation between light and shadow - the evaluation of the Lusail City as a growing organism and the movement of the traveler and how his scene and view is ever-changing both in the present and historical.