geumgang pedestrian bridge

Geumgang Pedestrian Bridge

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Geumgang Pedestrian Bridge
Cykel- og gangbro, ståldrager båret af quadropod bropiller. 
Geumgang, Sydkorea

Konkurrence 2017

Diameter: 460 m
Omkreds: 1.444 m
Bredde: 12 m

Bygherre: Geumgang By
Totalentreprise: POSCO
Arkitekt: DISSING+WEITLING architecture
Ingeniør: POSCO, Engineering Division

Visualiseringer: DISSING+WEITLING architecture


Geumgang Pedestrian Bridge
Bicycle and pedestrian bridge with a steel box girder supported by quadropod piers
Geumgang, South Korea

Competition 2017

Diameter: 460 m
Circumference: 1,444 m
Width: 12 m

Client: City of Geumgang
Contractor: POSCO
Architect: DISSING+WEITLING architecture
Engineer: POSCO, Engineering Division

Renderings: DISSING+WEITLING architecture

Geumgang Pedestrian Bridge

Competition proposal for a design and build competition for a new bridge for The City of Geumgang in South Korea.

The competition brief asked for a round bridge for pedestrians and bicyclist that would not only get people across the river, but to a higher degree act as a destination in itself with facilities for activity and leisure. Furthermore, The City of Geumgang had the ambition that the bridge should act as a celebration of Korean history and culture.

For our design concept, we were highly inspired by the intricate symbolism in the South Korean flag. The round Taegeuk with the interlocking semi-circles, symbolizing balance, became a recurrent motif in our design on many different levels. The Taegeuk not only inspired the dynamic interplay between the covered and uncovered areas of the bridge, the geometric shape also inspired the way the bike path is separated from the pedestrian areas. 

In technical terms, our design is a steel box girder supported by quadropod piers.

DISSING+WEITLING architecture functioned as architectural consultants for the South Korean construction and steel manufacturing company giant POSCO for the design and build contract for the project.

The Korean Society of Civil Engineers recognised the genuine design idea, selecting the bridge as winner of the HSB Award 2017. The award acknowledges high performance steel bridge structures in South Korea.