doha expressway

Doha Expressway


Doha Expressway
Mesaimeer Bridge, underpasses and pedestrian bridges
Doha, Qatar

Under construction

Design of underpasses, portals and light concept
14 pedestrians bridges for highway crossings

Client: Ashghal, Infrastructure Affairs
Architect: DISSING+WEITLING architecture
Engineer: WSP (Previously known as Parsons Brinkerhoff)


Doha Expressway
Mesaimeer-broen, viadukter og fodængerbroer
Doha, Qatar

Under udførelse

Designsystem for tunneler, portaler og lysdesign
14 fodgængerbroer

Bygherre: Ashghal, Infrastructure Affairs
Arkitekt: DISSING+WEITLING architecture
Ingeniør: WSP (Tidligere under navnet Parsons Brinkerhoff)

Doha Expressway

As a part of the E-Ring road the Mesaimeer Bridge will serve as an elevated high-way in order to relieve the existing road. The bridge will lift the majority of cars away from ground level and create a less trafficked area below the bridge.

As well as the bridge, the project also concerned the design of six underpasses with a width varying from two to six lanes including portals and light concept. Our aim was to have a clean and simple shape that in a subtle, yet effective, way provides the users and the inhabitants with a unique and elegant underpass. For road users travelling at the designated design speed the trip is very short and the amount of detail perceivable is limited. Therefore, the main concept was to unfold the underpasses in a big scale with an easily readable and visually expressive solution.

In connection with the Doha Expressway, DISSING+WEITLING was approached by Parsons Brinkerhoff in order to assist them in creating a design system for 14 pedestrian bridges located along the expressway. The bridges are covered due to the high temperatures under the desert sun, and the design system ensures that the bridges are seamlessly integrated at the different locations.